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The details of creating an executable performance test are extremely tool-specific. Regardless of the tool that you are using, creating a performance test typically involves scripting a single usage scenario, then enhancing that scenario and combining it with other scenarios to ultimately represent a complete workload model.

Load generation tools are inevitably behind evolving technologies and practices. Tool creators can only build in support for the most prominent technologies, and, even then, these have to become prominent before the support can be built. This often means that some of the biggest challenges a performance testing project faces may include: getting your first three-user, two-scenario, three-loop prototype test implemented with no script errors, parameterized variables, authentication and sessions handled correctly, data collected correctly, and users generally being simulated in such a way that the application under test cannot legitimately tell the difference between real users and simulated users. Plan for this and do not be surprised when it takes significantly longer than expected to get it all working smoothly.

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