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Continual information and data sharing is critical to the efficiency and overall success of a performance testing project. Not all of this information and data sharing needs to take the form of a formal or semi-formal report. One effective approach is to send stakeholders summary charts and tables every day or two in an email with a key point statement. Use the feedback and questions from those stakeholders to guide what goes into the next formal or semi-formal report. This way you can gauge the needs of your audience before writing what’s intended to be a stand-alone or final document.

Keys to Reporting

The key to effective reporting is to present information of interest in a manner that is quick, simple, and intuitive to the intended audience.  Below are some underlying principles to achieving effective reports.

  • Report early, report often

  • Report visually

  • Report intuitively

  • Use the right statistics

  • Consolidate data correctly

  • Summarize data effectively

  • Customize for the intended audience

  • Use concise verbal summaries using strong but factual language

  • Make the data available

  • Filter out any unnecessary data.

  • If reporting intermediate results include the priorities, concerns and blockers for the next several test execution cycles.

Technical Reports

  • Description of the test including workload model and test environment

  • Easy to digest data with minimal pre-processing

  • Access to the complete data set and test conditions

  • Short statements of observations, concerns, questions, and requests for collaboration

Stakeholder Reports

  • Criteria the results relate to

  • Intuitive, visual representations of the most relevant data

  • Brief verbal summaries of the chart or graph in terms of criteria

  • Intuitive, visual representations of the workload model and test environment

  • Access to associated Technical Reports, complete data sets and test conditions

  • Summaries of observations, concerns and recommendations

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