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Performance Testing Software Systems

A Heuristic Approach


Performance Testing Software Systems is a unique workshop that introduces a heuristic approach to testing the performance of software systems. The workshop is dynamic, interactive, tool and process neutral, exercise centric, and based on the nine core principles common to most deliberate and successful performance testing projects.

This workshop is primarily offered as an on-site course, but sometimes we work with organizations that arrange to make it public. more...

Who is the ideal student?

The ideal student is anyone who feels driven to be an excellent performance tester of software systems or a manager of performance testers or performance testing projects. Additional variants of this workshop have been customized to focus on other members of your team who are involved with achieving a well performing system. more...

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will learn:

  • Nine core principles found in most successful performance testing projects
  • Concise, universal heuristics and models for rapid application of those principles
  • How to determine and apply oracles to software system performance criteria
  • How to apply the core principles into your team’s development process
  • How to plan ahead without reducing your ability to react to change
  • How to communicate performance testing concepts to non-performance testers
  • How to rapidly design performance tests that will achieve your performance testing objectives

Format and Agenda

As a dynamic, interactive, tool and process neutral, exercise centric, workshop, students can expect the content and the time spent on each topic to be customized to the students in each class. In general, students can expect that the course will follow the course outline in sequence because the major exercises build on one another in a manner inspired by the progression of actual projects.

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